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About me

Hi, I'm Enea from Albania. Enthusiastic technical professional with a complete understanding of the entire software development lifecycle. Highly trained in Angular and .Net, also known for having talent in project organization and project analysis.

Work experience

February 2021 - Present
Software Developer at ATIS

Building apps using Angular, Ionic, PrimeNG etc.

  • Building high-performant, accessible, and scalable applications using Angular, Ionic, PrimeNg, .Net, Node.js, etc. targeting all platforms including iOS, Android, Desktop apps, etc.
  • > Styling tool (iOS)
  • > B2C web app
    [Angular with SSRNgRx/component-store]
  • > Quotation Builder
  • > (internal app)
    [AngularIonicNgRx/component-storeCouchBase Db]
July 2019 - Present
Full Stack Web Developer at Optima Italia

Working on multiple company in-house projects with Angular 8+ & ASP.NET Core Web API.

  • Setting up new applications from scratch, and designing app architectures to make them scalable and high-performant.
  • Improving large legacy single page applications, by adding new features and refactoring, while making sure they continue to work undisturbed in production.
  • > Monitoring Application (ERP system)
    [AngularRxJsBootstrap.Net CoreSignalRSQL Server]
  • > Analytics Dashboard
    [AngularRxJsAngular MaterialLaravelMySQL]