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Hi, I am Enea Jahollari 👋

An enthusiastic technical professional with a complete understanding of the entire software development lifecycle.

I'm passionate about Angular and frontend development in general, focused on performance, scalability and user experience.

I tweet a lot about Angular latest news and updates, so if you want to get them, you can do it by giving me a follow on Twitter. Also, I write about it in Medium, so if you want to read my articles, you can give me a follow there too.

Work experiences:

I've been responsible for setting up new application from scratch, and architecting app architectures to make them scalable, performant, accessible and easy to use.

Also, I've had to improve large legacy single page applications, by adding new features and refactoring, while making sure they continue to work undisturbed in production.

Using Angular with a variety of libraries and other frameworks like Ionic, NgRx, PrimeNG, .Net, Node.js, and more, targeting all platforms including iOS, Android, Desktop apps, etc,. is something I'm very familiar with.

Open source projects: